welcome to rockridge

the idea of this site

As a Realtor I know long time residents and new home buyers all love Rockridge. The charm, shopping, community and accessibility makes it just the place to be.  But there was no one place to go to check out the community and get to know the neighborhood. That’s when I realized that this site could serve as a place for people to come together and to better understand Rockridge.

helping to create a community

There are so many amazing businesses in Rockridge! Shops, eateries, beauty salons and more.  We've just begun to explore some of the most iconic ones but the site will always be a work in progress. As Rockridge grows and changes the site will too. Stop in again to see the latest stories of our great local vendors.

the goal

This site is going to be a long work in progress. We started with our movies focusing on the iconic pieces of Rockridge and will keep adding them as well as photo essays as time permits. To keep in touch subscribe to the site and every time some thing noteworthy comes on we'll notify you.

It's in puppy stage and we thank you for letting us nurture this site into a place where one can continually get a better understanding of our vibrant neighborhood.

college ave

This is the street that really defines Rockridge. With so many amazing shops, eateries, salons and more. We’ve just begun to explore some of the wonderful businesses on College Avenue but there are so many stories to tell.  Check back often as we will be continually updating this section of the website.

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rockridge schools

This is on the minds of most families who either live here or are thinking of living here. The good news is that the schools are great and have wonderful community support. Because every child is unique the schools span from public K-12 to an assortment of private schools.

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rockridge real estate

Let’s talk real estate. Try going to a party anywhere in or around Rockridge and not talk about real estate! In this section we will keep you up to date as to what's going on in the real estate market in Rockridge and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about selling and buying properties..

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