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For many this page will be important as it's intended to provide information about the real estate market in Rockridge. What kinds of homes are available in Rockridge? Can I be 3 blocks from BART and buy a 3,000 sq ft. home? What is does the average home cost?

Providing information for those who are either looking to buy or sell real estate is the goal.

I've been living in Rockridge for 27 years and have raised my two kids here. I love this place and I love my work. Helping people buy and sell homes in Rockridge has been my passion and a great pleasure for over 8 years. It’s not a job. I've been the top producer at McGuire Real Estate for the last four years and am in the top .01 percent of all the realtors in the Bay Area. But most of all I want everybody to appreciate Rockridge the way I've come to love it. This is the reason I do what I do and the reason for this web site.

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Real estate is personal. Very personal. So it's essential to get to know and connect with your Realtor.

The next step, if you have questions about Rockridge real estate, would be to reach out to me. I can be reached at 510.350.6419 or email me:

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I love the Rockridge community – I have been a Rockridge resident for 27 years and have lived here with my husband and two children ever since.

I've been the #1 McGuire agent in the East Bay for the last consecutive four years and I rank #3 out of all the 200 or so McGuire agents in the Bay Area.

I place in the top .01 percent of all Bay Area agents and have been listed on the Real Trends 1000, top 100 agents nationwide, for the last two years.

I am the proud mother of two wonderful children and have navigated both the local public and private school system in Rockridge with both my kids.

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market forces

Everyone who is either looking to buy or currently owns a property has the same question: How much is it worth and how much will it be worth?

What these market forces reports try to do is provide some statistical data for the Rockridge market. I will be adding to these reports bi-annually but I keep track of this daily and would be happy to consult with you if you would like to kick the tires about your property or are thinking about moving in.

I think it's important to add that if you are thinking about taking advantage of your current equity standing it could be worth a chat.


I thought I would share with you one of my latest listings as an example of a prime Rockridge location. This spot might not be obvious to those from outside of Rockridge but to us old timers there is little more precious than Lawton Ave. It's an easy stroll to College, but you are far enough away from the noise of the freeway for it not to be and issue. And you're well within the Chabot Elementary boundaries.

The couple who sold this lovely home did a complete remodel for themselves, but were thinking about the appeal for resale. And they nailed it. Everybody loved this home and didn't have to squint to imagine moving in. The finishes respected the pedigree of the home as can be seen in the video.

The point here is that there is no better investment than preparing a home for sale, if it's done correctly. This is where my years of guiding my clients toward successful sales comes in. I know the market and I know what makes a difference.

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  • There are currently around 4,000 +/- residents in Rockridge.
  • There are 2,204 homes in Upper Rockridge and 1,056 in Lower Rockridge.
  • Rockridge is the third most expensive neighborhood in the country after San Francisco and New York.
  • Current price per square foot is over a thousand dollars give or take.
  • There were only 54 homes sold in Upper Rockridge in 2017 and 19 sold in Lower Rockridge. There were 81 homes sold in Upper Rockridge in 2018 and 31 sold in Lower Rockridge.
  • One of the most interesting current trends is that the cost per square foot is increasing on properties that are near College Ave and Bart and decreasing in the previously vaunted hill properties. There are lots of theories about this, but in my experience families are now choosing to live closer to all the great stuff that College Ave has to offer. As well as being within walking distance of Bart.


There is currently no better investment opportunity than to invest in fixing your home before putting it on the market. It can bring as much as 50 to 100 percent return on investment at a time when 10% is considered high.

That said, it's hugely important to "do it right". If you are looking to sell your home soon then it's important to do those improvements that are popular and trending upward and not necessarily what you like personally.

For many homeowners this can be challenging, like painting over their cherished exposed wood wainscoting or replacing their counter tops with the latest popular materials. This is why it's important to choose a realtor who has proven experience in this and to take the advice offered.