It's one of those moments that most homeowners face: Your faucet won't completely shut or something similarly simple and the choices of what to do next are agonising. You can call a plumber (if you know one), wait a day or so, and spend a hundred bucks or more. Or drive down to Home Depot and wander around the aisles looking for someone who can find the 80 cent gasket you need.

Only to get home to find out they sold you the wrong size. Enter Cole Hardware. Here's the perfect solution to those of us who just need a gasket, or some paint, or a pot holder, or a snake to clean a drain, or any of the myriad of things that homeowners need. And best of all Cole has a friendly staff who knows which screw or gasket or valve you need. It's an invaluable resource that's right there on College with pretty much anything you can think of. Pretty cool.